People and Relationships

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The relationships we have are some of our most important resources. In The Facts of Life Book Course and Community you'll get access to templates and ideas to help you always keep the most important people in your life up to date and keep their information current in your Facts of Life Book system.

Information about People & RElationships

Here are some typical resources people like to have available as a part of their Facts of Life Book.

    • An updated address book (physical and/or digital)

    • A list of those people who should be contacted in case of an emergency in your life

    • A list of birthdays and anniversaries and other important milestone dates

    • Likes and dislikes as well as wants and needs for the people you often buy gifts for


In the Facts of Life Course and Community, you'll gain access to carefully curated and evaluated resources including web sites, tools, books, and more to help you gain more knowledge and information in areas that might be particularly important to you. Here on the website, I share just a few of my favorites for each major topic.

  • Managing relationships also adds a component of relationships we want to foster. In the professional realm, this might entail creating a Personal Board of Directors.