What is facts of life book?

A brief history

Hi 👋🏼! I'm Kara. I started building my Facts of Life book in the fall of 2022 as a part of my goal to "Prepare for a good death at the end of a long and wonderful life."

As I worked on this project, I realized there are so many benefits to organizing all of the important but "not urgent until you need it" information we need to get through life. From organizing for job searches to preparing for a move to starting a business - having systems and processes for managing all the little details is so important.

Organize for all of life's important moments.

Where we are today

Today, I'm building a community of people who want to support one another as we organize for those important moments. Moreso, we're a community of people who want to support one another through those important moments.

This sounds like an important project? How should I start?

I run the Facts of Life Book Course and Community. It is a low cost place for you to get support and guidance you need for creating your Facts of Life Book. Join us in the course and community today. It is self-paced so you can start at any time.

Does it have to be a physical book?

Absolutely not. While you may feel comfortable with just a notebook and paper, many people (including me) have digital tools like online file storage and a password manager that make up their Facts of Life "Book".

How you organize the information is not nearly as important as organizing the information in a way that works for you and your life.

My current "book" is a collection of some digital files, some paper files, and several processes to help me keep things up to date.

Why do people put together a Facts of Life Book

People put together a Facts of Life Book for lots of reasons. Here are just a few.

Getting ready for your new job or career
Always be prepared for an adventure
Managing a new or chronic health condition
Getting on - and staying on - a path to financial freedom

There is no wrong reason for a Facts of Life Book.

The best time to start your Facts of Life book is right now. Join the community of people building their books together today.