Education & Training

Are you ready to start getting your information organized? If so, join the Facts of Life Book Course and Community

In today's economy you have to keep current on your skills. Keeping track of your knowledge and learning how to communicate what you know to potential employers and partners are essential skills. In The Facts of Life Book Course and Community you'll get access to resume templates, learn about differences between a curriculum vitae and a resume, and - if it's important to you - learn some simple strategies for keeping your information up to date online via LinkedIn and/or your own web site/online portfolio.

Gathering Education & Training Records

To get started with any of these options though, the first step is to make sure you have as much of your educational history as possible collected. Here are some typical resources people like to have available as a part of their Facts of Life Book. 


In the Facts of Life Course and Community, you'll gain access to carefully curated and evaluated resources including web sites, tools, books, and more to help you gain more knowledge and information in areas that might be particularly important to you. Here on the website, I share just a few of my favorites for each major topic.