Financial Information

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Whether you are just starting out and struggling to make ends meet or you are saving for big goals like starting a family or buying a house, it is important to keep financial records in order. In The Facts of Life Book Course and Community you'll get access to budget templates, quarterly and annual tax organizers, and support for organizing all sorts of financial information.

Gathering financial information

To get started with any of these options, the first step is to make sure you have your financial information collected. Here are some typical resources people like to have available as a part of their Facts of Life Book.

    • Budget

    • Paycheck Stubs

    • List of all accounts including the financial institution, account holder name(s), account number(s), and account type. If you have many accounts, adding a short description of the purpose for each account is a good idea.

    • Current credit report

    • Current bank account and credit card statements

    • Investment account information, including the beneficiary you've identified for each account

    • Retirement and pension plan information

    • Insurance policy information including the insurance company, the account holder(s), beneficiary/ies, contact information for general information, as well as contact information for claims

    • A list of all loans you owe and owed to you including financial institution, loan terms (APR, years, payment amount, and payment date) and start and end date of loan

    • Medical bills and receipts

    • Major purchase receipts

    • Any ongoing claim information (insurance, legal, etc.) which has a financial component


In the Facts of Life Course and Community, you'll gain access to carefully curated and evaluated resources including web sites, tools, books, and more to help you gain more knowledge and information in areas that might be particularly important to you. Here on the website, I share just a few of my favorites for each major topic.