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Much of the information we need today is available on the phones we carry in our pockets. In the Facts of Life Book Course, you'll be encourage to adopt security-minded and convenience focused processes for keeping your digital information safe. This starts with developing a system for storing your passwords securely.

Recommended Tools

I recommend a digital password tool. My two favorites are:

    • 1Password - 1Password does have a monthly fee (billed annually). The total cost for a single account is currently just under $36 a year. For a family (which provides up to five linked accounts), the cost is just under $60 a year. 1Password is the tool I use personally. 1Password also has business and enterprise plans available.

    • Bitwarden - Bitwarden has a free plan which is one of the reasons why I began recommending it. Since I started following their development, they have also developed many new features and kept their prices extremely low for these additional feature packed plans. Their paid family plan, which is extremely feature rich, is currently $40 a year for up to six people.

In the Facts of Life Book Course, I provide in depth tutorials for using both of these tools to secure your digital information and use it both on your desktop and on the go on your phone or tablet.

If you are fully paper based and prefer to keep all passwords written, then I suggest you keep them in one notebook in a secure location in your home. You can keep this on a spreadsheet and print that or simply keep a carefully hand-printed list of sites and passwords.


In the Facts of Life Course and Community, you'll gain access to carefully curated and evaluated resources including web sites, tools, books, and more to help you gain more knowledge and information in areas that might be particularly important to you. Here on the website, I share just a few of my favorites for each major topic.

  • Stay Safe Online - This article from the National Cybersecurity Alliance is one of my most shared resources. It's easy to ready and gives a high level understanding of all the basics of keeping yourself safe online.