The Facts of Life Book Course is organized into bite sized chunks that you can use to work at your own pace collecting information in a wide array of life areas. Below are some high level tips on many of the areas we cover.

  • Personal Documents - Things like the birth certificate, driver's license, military ID, passport, social security card and more.

  • Passwords - If you do anything online, chances are you have a password. Keeping those all organized doesn't have to be a hassle.

  • Life Timeline - Keep a record of the most important moments in your life.

  • Education & Training Records - You learned it - let's document it.

  • Work & Career Records - Keep track of all your work history and the skills you've gained.

  • Financial Information - From lists of bank accounts, to your investment records, to your monthly budget - let's get all your financial information in order.

  • Physical Assets - Do you have a car, a house, a boat, an RV, or maybe a few pieces of precious jewelry? Whatever it is, let's get it documented.

  • Business Records - Do you have a thriving side hustle or maybe a hobby you're thinking about turning into a business? If so, there are lots of records you'll need. Let's get those organized.

  • Medical Information - From who your doctors are to managing long term conditions - we've got tools and templates to help with that.

  • People and Relationships - Who should be notified in an emergency? What people do you want to focus on in your life? Relationships are important and often overlooked. We'll give you loads of strategies for figuring out how to keep all the important people in your life up to date when it matters.

  • End of Life Information - Let us guide you through for preparing for a good death - one that is guided by your values, goals and wishes - at the end of a long and healthy life.